Dinosaurs to Edible Walls: When Kids’ Dream Homes Come Knocking

Dinosaurs to Edible Walls: When Kids’ Dream Homes Come Knocking

Everyone at some point has imagined their dream home. However, children’s imaginations take those dreams from the realm of the ordinary to the extraordinary and wondrous. So just what would children have in their dream homes? Censuswide carried out a survey for home builder Strata, asking more than 2000 children that very question.

A sweet treat

Perhaps unsurprisingly, unshackled imaginations led to freedom in the kitchen. Around 60% of children ranging from three to 11 years old ranked unrestricted access to sweets amongst their top preferences. Standard kitchens would be swapped for the glories of a sweet shop or the enticements of an ice cream parlour. In a video featuring pupils from Shobnall Primary School one pupil declared “For my kitchen, I would have a pizzeria and a McDonald’s.” Suffice it to say, no lettuces or green beans intrude upon the food fantasy here.

Wild for animals

What’s a home without a friendly pet or two – or in some cases, an entire zoo. In addition to a petting zoo graced by visits from Sir David Attenborough himself, other dream home pet choices included sharks, a talking dinosaur that could “scare all the baddies”, as well as a sausage llama.

Home is where the magic is

Having cool pets and delicious treats is a no-brainer in the dream home department. But what about the types of homes themselves? Around a third of the girls surveyed fancied a fairy-tale hilltop castle. Made with edible chocolate walls, rainbows and glitter. Naturally. In contrast, many of the boys were keen on treehouses.

And if your house could fly anywhere in the world or allow you to teleport? Even better.

Let’s not forget these fun and functional features

While pet sharks and edible castles are worthy additions to any dream home checklist, the children also came up with a variety of other delightful dream picks. How about 12 toilets so you never need to queue? A homework room that did your homework for you. A water slide staircase (why walk when gliding will get you from room to room in seriously slick style). And of course, adventure literally on your doorstep with a water park in the grounds. Weekend fun sorted.

All in? That sounds pretty darn good. Now how to go about making those dreams a reality…

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